Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sweet Louise

A few weeks ago a kind, elderly couple fell in love with Louise after watching this video that the fabulous Veronica of The Dog Rescuers made (everytime I watch it I get choked up, so if you're mushy like me break out the Kleenex):

They were so excited to meet Louise and desperately tried to win her over. She sat for them and ate their duck jerky treats (how gourmet is that?!) but each time retreated to my side. She never let down her guard.

When they left I was relieved. It wasn't a good fit, and, no surprise, a part of me doesn't want to let her go. Still, I have to at least try to find her a great home.

Louise is also listed with Molly's Mutts & Meows. A wonderful photographer named Poly made a video of her, too:

We went to Race for the Rescues this past Sunday. Louise walked around the Rose Bowl with 4 other pitties. She did great. Lots of people fell in love with her beauty, but still no adoption bites. That's okay. I'm not in any hurry.


  1. Oh, Sue! To see you smiling that BIG when you are playing with Sweet Louise is something that would make anyone cry! Isn't there a miracle worker out there that can get Tommy and Louise to be forever friends so you don't have to give her up? I know, I am not helping here....just love your beautiful smile when you are with her.

  2. Hi Sue,
    I agree with Lizzie wholeheartedly! I don't think anyone is going to be good enough for Louise but you!! There has to be a dog guru out there for you guys!!
    love you,

  3. Loved the videos! You look amazing! Ditto to the above, you look too happy to force the adoption on. I am sure that LA must have some physic/trainers that can possibly help the two get along? P.S. Is that your yard? Love the stones on the walkway!
    Love, Cindy

  4. I am sure someone else will come along!

    Stop on by for a visit!

  5. What fabulous videos! You do have a great smile, Susan, and so does Louise. It's great that you are getting some exposure for her. The right person will come along, I just know it. Sending you positive thoughts and wishes for the best situation for Weezy.

  6. Liz and Lynnie, Veronica was making me laugh when we made this video, but I am in love with Louise. I have high standards for potential adopters; maybe no one will meet them. Still, I'm keeping an open mind and we'll see what the universe brings.

    Thank you for your sweet words, Cindy. No forced adoptions, no way. Yes, that's my yard. It fills with water during heavy rains. It will be an interesting winter.

    Kari, I hope so - I think...

  7. Mimi and CCC, awwww, thank you. Yep, I'm just waiting for the right person for Weezy. I call her that too!

  8. HI Sue:
    You look so pretty in the video!

    When we love we love and that is the treasure of life. You absolutely adore and love Louise, does Tommy let you love him like that? She is with you for a reason.

    What will happen will happen. Louise is SO loved and that is the best part of the story.

    What a great story this is....

    Love you and I hope everything works out for all.


  9. You love her, alot. You will know when you find someone who loves her as much as you do. Only then will you be able so properly say good bye.

  10. I'm glad you gave the Kleenex Caution up front, Susan. I adore watching you and Louise playing together. So much love.

  11. I've found sometimes dogs have plans of their own. When I tried to give Albert away, he ate the person's house right down to the insulation. So I had to take him back. He got what he wanted.

  12. I loved so much the videos, Susan!
    To see you smiling on the firts video, when you are playing with sweet Louise is great! You express such a fantastic happiness.
    And you look beautiful too!
    The piano music is very nice and perfect.
    Ah! Your yard is just lovely and charming!

  13. Awwww, Shell. Thanks for watching. She's such a love. Hard to believe she was going to be put down for temperament issues.

    Hiker, Albert's no dummy. These dogs know a good thing when they finally find it.

    Sweet sonia, thank you!

  14. You are going to be hard to top, but I know that sweet girl will find the right home. What a sweet thing.

  15. I hope Karin's right and Louise gets her wish.

  16. Glad you think so, PA.

    Margaret, thanks for the vote of confidence.

    Petrea, Louise is very clear about her wish. I on the other hand am the queen of ambivalence.

  17. What great videos! But if these don't catch a good owner then you may be stuck with 2 K9's.

  18. So glad you're patient enough to wait for the right home! As you might know we integrated a third into our pack and it was a bit touch and go for a little while there. Things seem to be settling down a bit and everyone's finally getting along. You'll find the best home for her...I have faith in you!

  19. Cafe, perhaps you'd like to adopt Louise?

    Thanks, ForPetsSake. I'm glad to hear everyone's getting along in your pack. I guess it takes a while.

  20. I'm glad you're taking your time finding Louise the perfect home. She deserves the best. Oh, right, she already does, she has you!

  21. Hard to let her go now that you're in love.

  22. That's true, Miss Janey. There hasn't been any serious interest so maybe I won't have to.

  23. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for your visiting and nice comments on my blog. I always love when I see your name on comment!

    Wishing you a pleasant weekend with Tommy and Louise!