Thursday, October 6, 2011

Art & Macarons

I had the good fortune to attend Art Platform – Los Angeles last Friday night.

As I sipped vodka in the VIP lounge (I have well-connected friends), I caught eyes with Albert Brooks, who stood a few feet away. I broke into a spontaneous smile, which he returned.

My girlfriends and I buzzed about him while we sampled hors d'oeuvres off passing trays. Then we went to look at art.

The art, from all over the world, spread out over a giant warehouse space. I lagged behind my friends as we explored row after row of art.

Up ahead, a server held out a tray of macarons to passersby. My friends each took one as the server waltzed in my direction.

There was one macaron left. As I reached for it I got a glimpse of Albert Brooks and his lovely wife strolling just behind the server. Albert Brooks’ eyes scanned the tray where my hand grabbed the macaron. I was busted.

I held up the green macaron and blurted out, “I took the last one! Do you guys want it?”

“Oh, no, no,” they mumbled, shaking their heads. They smiled as they continued to walk, looking at art, perhaps searching for more macarons.

I should have asked if they wanted to adopt Louise. You never know.


  1. Perhaps we need to arrange an Adopt Louise t-shirt for you, Susan.

    Thumbs up to Albert Brooks and his wife for allowing you to keep your macaron! That's almost as stylish as your offer. {And there's a trio of macarons heading your way, oh lucky one. A postcard of them, that is. Woot!}

  2. Yes an adopt lousie shirt :)


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  4. We were at the MOCA opening Friday. Busy week. Instead of the last macaroon couldn't you have pointed Mr Mel in the direction of Mr V's gallery? Louise is not the one in search of a home. Mr V's work is also awaiting a wall to call home.

  5. Fun, Sue! Love Albert Brooks. And even love it more that you offered him and his wife one last, lone macaroon for them to split!(?) HA! That is just as funny as Albert Brooks himself! Too bad you didn't have Louise with you as I am sure she would have been just as well-behaved as when she attended the Poetry Reading. She would be on her her way to becoming an all-around cultured and sophisticated gal-about-town! Surely someone like Albert Brooks would be interested in that! (But I do like the idea of your own Adopt-Louise tee shirt, too!)

  6. I like Albert Brooks too!

    Wishing you a pleasant weekend!
    Many hugs!

  7. You are so funny! So glad you were able to say something to the funny man. I love Albert Brooks. Take care. Love, Cindy

  8. You deserve that macaroon! He can get all he wants. Great picture of Tommy!

  9. Shell, I love the Adopt Louise t-shirt idea. And l can't wait for my postcard of macarons. Yippee! Thank you!

    Kari, yes, yes. Adopt Louise t-shirt for sure!

    PA, I wish I'd known Mr V's work was looking for a wall. I bet Mr Al (are you mixing up your Brookses?) would love Mr V's work, even more than macarons.

    Liz, I'm glad you enjoyed the Albert Brooks anecdote. He must've thought I was a flake but at least we know he has a good sense of humor.

    sonia and Cindy D, as Albert Brooks fans maybe you might appreciate these comedy bits from the 70s. He was pretty crazy!

    Margaret, you're absolutely right. I'm glad I ate that green macaron!

  10. Louise would make such a good celebri-dog!!

  11. Hi Sue:
    Always a good little hook in every entry with you Ms. Sue and I love it.

    Well my lady getting on and about town at those art shows in Pasadena/Hollywood. Truth is I had to google Mr. Brooks and as I remember his face had no clue of his credentials. He is co-starring in the movie, Drive, which is getting very fantastic reviews at the moment.
    Cheers to macarons (like coconut cakes or something and spelled with only one "o", oh my god I am hopeless) and Octobers sunlight all day long.

    Happy Sunshine to Miss Louise, Tommy Lee, Ramona and Frita. xxoo.


  12. Ha Ha!!! That's one story you'll always remember!!!

  13. Kristin: The spelling of this lovely little cookie can be with either one "o" or two. I suppose it is much more chic to use the French version with just one "o" as Susan has in her fine little tale! In any case, she took the last one on the plate and then it offered it to Albert Brooks and his wife after she picked it up! HA! Sooo funny.

  14. With your mouth spilling crumbs of macarons you should have said, "Nest egg! Nest egg!"

  15. loveandleash, Louise would look striking strutting beside some Hollywood hottie. Hmmm... this gives me some ideas.

    Kristen, those are macarons on the cover of Pasadena magazine, next to our model, Tommy. I only learned about the French macaron (one "o") from a local blogger last year - different than the coconut macaroon. Check out the fabulous Shell Sherree's post about a French macaron shop opening in NYC:

    I hear Albert Brooks plays the villain in Drive, quite a change of role for him. Keeping with the French theme, here's a short clip from Broadcast News:

    Chieftess, you got that right.

    Liz, any bakeries in the Bay Area making macarons? I bet there are a few.

    Hiker, ha! I know you're a fan as you posted this scene, one of my favorites, not long ago:

    Here's another good one:

    Classic line: "You took my nest egg and you broke it all over the Desert Inn!"

  16. Get that dog an agent! I love the photo, just love eet!

  17. Sue - oh yes, there are French Macarons at Miette Bakery in the Ferry Building (my favorite haunt as you know). Unlike the almond coconut type macarOOns that most people may be familiar with, these French almond confections are more diverse and stylish with a variety of flavors and fillings and colors - perfect for a chic art gallery reception that attracts celebrities like Mr. Brooks and you, of course! Love the colorful poster with Tommy!

  18. I'd know that magazine cover anywhere. I wonder if we could get Tommy and Louise their picture on the cover of Pasadena Magazine.

  19. LOL - sounds like an awkward moment well described! But I'll bet that macaron was worth it :)

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  21. Of course I want it! YES!! Bring the macarons next time you see me, haha!

  22. "Defending Your Life." I loved it. It was the first time I ever saw Meryl Streep be funny. I found myself waiting for her to return to the screen. I hadn't liked her before that.

  23. Isn't he Super Dave Osbourne's brother? Super Dave could handle Louise!

  24. Thanks for the link Susan! I will see it soon.

    Wishing you a pleasant Sunday.
    Big HUG.

  25. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for the nice comment on "Reflections".
    Have a good week ahead.
    Many Hugs.

  26. I had a divine macaron just Sat. in Pasadena at Lette! Violette no less.
    I hope your pup finds a good home but I think he is happy with you.

  27. Virginia, yes, I know! P and Chieftess spilled the beans.

    Brian, who is Super Dave Osbourne?

    Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. May you all be graced by macarons.