Sunday, September 25, 2011


When I mill about the living room and dining room, Louise respects the baby gate and stays in her kitchen den. A knock on the front door, however, sends her flying over that gate like a gazelle leaping through the savannah. Her athleticism is impressive, but it means I have to be on my toes when managing the Tommy and Louise dynamic.

Louise rests after a flying leap into the living room.
Last month when I stepped into the living room from the bedroom, Tommy and Louise stood at high alert. I gasped at the sight of them causing their heightened energy to erupt into a fight.

But that’s old news.

When Louise flew over the gate last week, I calmly walked toward the back door, calling Tommy to put him in the yard. But when I opened the door it was Louise at my heels.

Tommy? He’d run and hid under the dining room table.

I call that progress.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Louise’s Official Debut

I’ve been too busy and tired to blog, my brain in a fog each time I tried. But this update is long overdue and I have big news, so here it is.

Awful picture, adorable dog

The sweet, smart, lovable Louise is officially up for adoption.

It pains me to think of giving her up but Tommy the King is just not keen on sharing the throne, not even with a queen as beautiful and fabulous as Louise.

It won’t be easy to find the perfect forever home, but she has a team of good people interested in her fate. Karin Bugge wrote about her over a week ago in Altadena Patch: Finding a Home for an 'Unadoptable' Pit Bull

Sorry I didn't send out the news when the article first published - I'm behind on everything - but you can still leave a comment. In fact, it would be great if you did: it will give the piece more visibility.

Tomorrow I start pulling out all the stops on the Adopt Louise publicity campaign. Stay tuned.