Sunday, October 2, 2011

Louise at Ellouise

One recent Sunday I took Louise to a spoken word event at Ellouise. I wasn’t sure if I'd be welcome with a pit mix at my side, so I loitered at the entrance when a red-haired woman with a mission approached.

I braced myself to be shooed away, but instead she asked, “Who is this beautiful child?” She referred, of course, to Louise.

The animal lover vibe was clear, so I laid out Louise's story thick and quick. We were invited inside.

The place overflowed with teens. The red-head was Ms. Hunter, high school English teacher to most of the readers as well as to many who filled the seats. Students got extra credit for attending, and they showed up in droves.

Ms. Hunter paraded us in front of the crowd saying we all had to find Louise a home.

People packed the house. Extra rows of chairs were brought in. Kids sat on the floor. Louise and I were treated as honorary guests, with a VIP seat just by the entrance.

Poor Louise was overwhelmed, but she stayed curled at my feet the entire evening, which lasted over 2 hours. We stuck around to hear local Altadena poet Linda Dove read. It was worth it.

Louise didn't find her forever home that night, but I have a good feeling about these poetry readings. Animal lovers abound. Louise made a big splash. She'll attend the next one. Such a good girl. Tommy wouldn't last five minutes.


  1. Oh, Sue, such a lovely story. I am so sad you cannot keep's breaking my heart. Any dog that can sit still through 2 hours of poetry is a keeper in my book! Whoever ends up being her forever family is in for a treat!
    xoxo L.

  2. Hi Sue:
    This was such a great post, I love your story and the build up!

    Louise should get a permanent residence at The Plaza, she would have so much fun there. I know she will find a great home someday.

    Her angels are out there looking for her home with their wings on high speed right?

    Love you til the cows come home.


  3. Ah, I'm an instant fan of Ms Hunter's.

  4. Louis, well, she's a class act. And you can quote me on her resume.

  5. What a great way to get her into the community


  6. I adore the way you orchestrated this post. Were seeing Louis's world from her vantage point

  7. There's something about redheads!! And how awesome of Louise to sit so quietly for quite a long duration. She must enjoy poetry. What a sweetheart.

  8. What a fabulous idea for your continued search of residence. I believe that the next reading's audience will house more adults with homes than children with little to no decision making power! I wish for the best for your pretty & gentle little girl.

  9. Nanny Dogs! That's what they used to call pitt bulls because they are so family friendly. Nanny Dogs!

  10. Congratulations Louise!
    Sounds a great time.
    Many hugs to you both.

  11. I don't think I could sit through two hours of poetry. Maybe if it was all Linda I could. Louise is some kind of saint.

  12. Liz, it makes me sad too, until I read They find the best humans for their foster pitties. If I find Louise a fantastic home I won't be sad. Well, maybe just a little.

    Kristen, Louise would be a huge hit at the Plaza! She could hang out with Eloise. If doggie angels exist, Louise has them in spades.

    Hiker, I was so impressed with how Ms. Hunter inspired those teens. Anyone who is both animal lover and great teacher is A-OK in my book.

    Paula, added to Louise's CV: thumbs up from Ranger's mom.

    Kari, I highly recommend pit bulls at poetry readings.

    PA, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

    Shell, you've got the redhead spark, too, don't you? My mom and oldest sister are redheads so I know that je ne sais quoi firsthand. As for Louise's love of the spoken word - maybe that's why she likes Hiker so much. Kindred spirits.

    Cindy, are you saying you wouldn't let your kids bring a pit bull home from a poetry reading?! Is that what I'm reading between the lines?!

    Margaret, I'm thinking of hiring Tommy & Louise out as babysitters. What do you think?

    Isn't she, Miss J? Good to see you again.

    sonia, you're a sweetheart.

    PA again... I'm intrigued. Whatcha you got cooking?

    Petrea, there were some musical acts to break up the poetry. But yeah, Louise is a saint.

  13. Wow, what a great idea! We need to be creative when we look for ways to find homes for our bullies. My foster recently went to a fashion show :)

    Louise's eyes are absolutely stunning.