Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tommy & Louise

Jen Byrne demands a pupdate, so here it is.

She's the sweetest girl ever. When I picked her up at the Pasadena Humane Society, her whole body shook with fear. Two hours later she did the pit bull wiggle when I walked into the kitchen.

I thought it would take a lot of work to bring her out of her shell, but she made it so easy. Her temperament and manners are exemplary. It makes me wonder whether she's been trained. It certainly seems so. What was her life like before she ended up on the streets? 

Unfortunately she has an infection from the spay surgery. I have to clean the wound twice a day. She doesn't like it, but she stoically lies still while I do it.

She also has a bad case of kennel cough.The vet said her lungs are filled with fluid so I have to be careful she doesn't catch pneumonia.

Poor Tommy. Louise has taken over his favorite room in the house, the kitchen. He tries to get a glimpse of the action underneath the barricade.

I've been keeping them separate so she can heal and so he doesn't catch her kennel cough. Is it inevitable?


  1. She's beautiful, Susan! Poor Tommy ~ must be hard to shut him out but once Louise has healed, they can make up for lost time. Thank you for the update and I love her name.

  2. that photo of Tommy is a riot. such big paws!

    Tommy and Louise. A nice pairing. I hope she gets well soon. Poor baby, such a trial.

  3. Has he been vaccinated against it? If he hasn't, take him to the vet ASAP and get him the bordatella vaccine. It's cheap and SO worth it. It's not perfect, but it does make him immune to the most common strains of kennel cough (similar to a human flu vaccine).
    Be sure not to favor her over him during her quarantine. Give him lots of love, and if you have a baby gate, make sure that she sees you loving on him, so that she can see that he is a valued member of the family. It's very tempting to give her extra love and spoil her while she's sick, but it can create a bad dynamic between them where Tommy feels that he has to overthrow her. You don't want that. I will email you offline for idea of how you can get them used to each other's presence while she is quarantined -- the extra time of non-interaction can be a good thing.

  4. It looks like Louise survived after all to love another life, if not Thelma. Btw, how's the barricade looking?

  5. I'm sure Louise will recover very soon, you're such a good goggie mum.

    When we brought Keating home it set off such whimpering and bewilderment from Ranger and such disdain from William. Now William and Keating compete for personal space - William takes over a shelter piece/modified box and whops Keating on the head if he comes too near while Keating just looks at him like, "What IS your problem?" - and last night Ranger, for the first time, got jealous because DH was holding Keating and Ranger demanded to be let up on the couch too. Keating skedaddled and Ranger looked - for the first time - like he finally wanted in on what Keating was getting from us. It was so comical to watch. I'm sure Tommy & Co and Louise will provide you with lot's of endearing entertainment over the years.

  6. awww she sounds awesome! If Tommy has his bordatella he shouldn't catch it but its not foolproof.


  7. I was going to offer you some advice, but it looks like Love and a Leash has it all covered. She's got the right idea - be sure your main man knows he's still first in line for your attention and affection, even as you continue to bring Louise out of her shell (whatever of it is left) and into your home. Since we're busy integrating a third into our home, I'm also happy to email you offline with suggestions if you need any. In the meantime, big, deep breaths and patience....

  8. AWESOME !!!!!!! YAY !!!!! I KNEW you'd be a 2 dog home sooner or later.....LOL !!!!

  9. PS - she's GORGEOUS ! and TLJ's....HYSTERICAL, as always !

  10. Shell, I've been taking Tommy on extra long walks to make up for his loss of kitchen rights. It helps - a little. I'm so glad you like her name.

    Thanks, PA. She had more energy tonight so she's on the mend. And Tommy's big paws, they are funny, aren't they?

    loveandaleash, yes, he's vaccinated. I was concerned because I'd read the vaccination wasn't effective. But you've put my mind at ease. Thanks for the info.

    And thanks for the advice about keeping Tommy happy. You too, T2. I've amped up my sweet talk to him and toned it down for Louise. I have a baby gate and I'm giving them treats on either side of it. I do think this gradual introduction will help them get along better later on. At least I hope so.

    Cafe, I guess Louise reincarnated as a dog. She missed Thelma but found Tommy instead. As for the barricade, I'm deluding myself into thinking it will stop the germs.

    Paula, you've got quite a menagerie, too, don't you? Endless entertainment in both our houses.

    Kari, isn't she beautiful?! Fingers crossed Tommy won't get bordatella.

    Jen, I knew I'd get a second dog, too - eventually. It's just funny how the universe brings them to me when I'm not quite ready. Guess I better get ready.

  11. The photos are wonderful! She's beautiful. When you're walking the two of them you'll stop traffic.

    They both have lovely feet--look at her pretty paw, poised just so. (Nice pedicures, too.) But what charms me most about Tommy's photo is that the poor guy feels left out. You can see it in his nose.

  12. Petrea, they will make a handsome pair, with their expressive eyes and pretty feet. The photo of Tommy's big paws reminded me of Boz.

  13. Boz has exquisite feet, as you may know. I'm a connoisseur of exquisite doggie feet.

  14. Oh, yes, I do know about Boz's exquisite feet.

  15. I've always been told that keeping a door between two "new to each other" critters is the best way to introduce them. That way they can learn to accept their presence, do some sniffing, hear sounds so I think things are going swimmingly. As for feets, Ranger has pretty feets when they're clipped properly, otherwise he has floofy feets - the hair grows about three inches out. It's extremely comical, they look like skis.

  16. Congratulations on a new pup and new name for Louise. It's great, Sue and suits her. Sorry to hear about her cough though and sweet Tommy's sacrifice of the kitchen...hope to hear soon that Tommy loves Louise and vice versa. What a very adorable couple they make...

  17. posted on the wrong one - Birds of a feather lock together - they look like brother and sister..Im sure they will become best of friends

  18. Paula, I knew that approach works with cats but I wouldn't have thought to try it with the dogs. I'm glad I had some wise people recommend it. Ranger is hilarious.

    Thanks, Liz. I almost named her after you but couldn't resist the alternative. She's starting to get better and boy is she feisty. Not sure she and Tommy will fall in love right away but hopefully over time.

    Hey Nick (aka Pudjak), thanks for stopping by. I didn't notice your typo... yeah, they'll be good buds eventually I'm sure.

  19. I've been away for a while and just saw your recent posts. My goodness!!! You are an angel, one of the kindest people in the whole world. Your dogs will repay you with unending gratitude. Louise looks sweet and shy, and will hopefully happily let Tommy be the alpha dog. Tommy's going to love having a friend. They'll keep one another company while you're at work. Thank you so much for meaning it when you said you were the Last Resort. If you need help and support, don't hesitate to ask me, and all your other friends and admirers, to pitch in.

    How did you end up calling her Louise?

  20. Louise already looks content at home! Hope her recovery is speady to accomodate Tommy's anxious first meeting! Her coloring is stunning! I look forward to the details of their first date. Love, Cindy

  21. Bellis, you are so sweet. I'm in good company here with all of you kind animal lovers. Louise just got lucky that the timing was right and I was able to take her in. Thank you so much for the support.

    As for her name, I just like the way it goes with Tommy.

    Cindy, I predict much drama in that first date.

  22. Hi Sue:
    Oh Louise is just perfect. She is going to turn that Tommy Boy around like a good woman will! I am so happy that you have found so much love with your puppy lambs. Isn't destiny just the best?

    But I gotta say I do not hear a PEEP, not one peep about your other baby girl kitty cats. I need a quick meow update, when you get a moment.

    Animals have so much more intelligence than us - right? Thankfully we are all learning from them now.

    Love you til the cows come home.

  23. Sus,
    I love the name set. Rolls off the tongue. She is gorgeous, and I agree with Kris: she will turn Tommy into a better man, just like any good woman would. I look forward to further updates. Much love, Mel

  24. Kristen, it's true I've been neglecting my poor kitties. They are as cute as ever, living behind a closed door safe from the pooches.

    Glad you like the name set, Mel. You and Kristen are right: Tommy is acting very mature throughout this transition. He's been pretty calm even as Louise gets feistier by the day.

  25. What do you mean by feisty? Bossy? Is she an alpha female? Now I'm beginning to wonder who will be the boss. Louise, Tommy or you? My friend had a Newfoundland who thought he was the boss of the house. She was told to put him in his place - always go through doors first, even close the door on him to put him in his place. it worked, but I hope you won't have to go through all that.

    My English dog had kennel cough while she was boarding ahead of a flight to LA, but antibiotics worked their magic. I'm sure Louise will soon be better and Tommy won't catch it. Want some help when you take them for their first outing together?

  26. Bellis, by feisty I mean she's excitable and has a lot of energy. She seems to be obedient though. I hope she's not alpha but I haven't given her and Tommy a chance to interact much to find out for sure. I'm not that worried though. My years with Tommy taught me a lot about living with an alpha dog.

    I think Louise is almost free of kennel cough, and Tommy is still healthy. I'm relieved.

    I definitely want help when I first take them out together. Thank you for the offer!

  27. Wow! what a conversation! She sure has pretty eyes. I'm anxious to hear updates.

  28. YOU are an angel! Thank you for saving her!I haven't been by lately, and look at all the catching up I have to do!!! Patience will pay off. Take it from experience. I am close by in Sierra Madre if you need help! Just ask.

  29. Margaret, we're all passionate about the pups here, aren't we? I just posted a short Louise update.

    daisydog, thanks so much for the offer to help. I know you have your hands full, but I would love to meet you so I might have to take you up on it.