Monday, July 4, 2011

Last Resort

I talked to a friend Saturday who asked what I’d been doing with my day. I hesitated and then said, “I spent the morning catching two stray dogs.”

There was dead silence on the other end of the phone. “One dog is enough, isn’t it? Tommy is enough, isn’t he?”

“Yes, yes. I brought them to the Pasadena Humane Society.” 

At some point I’ll tell the full story of how I stumbled upon and caught these dogs...

But there’s no time for that now. Now I need to get down to business.

The dogs have 5 days to be claimed by an owner. If no one claims them after 5 days they are available for adoption.

How long will the dogs remain up for adoption before being killed? That depends on 3 things: temperament, health, and how much space is available at the shelter.

I filled out a form with some checkboxes. One of them said this:

“I understand that this animal may be euthanized and that I will not be notified.”

I didn’t check it. Instead I met with an adoption counselor and I signed up for “last resort” status.

If all else fails, they will call me before killing each of the dogs. I will then have the option of adopting him...

This is Petie. He just wants to be one of the gang. Show him a little kindness and he will shower you with love and adoration.

And her...

This is Elsa. She has the beauty and reserved nature of a lion.

Elsa is in love with Petie. (Can you blame her? Look at that face!) I'm in love with both of them. 

Here's Petie's info: A291038

Here's Elsa's info: A291039

Please spread the word.


  1. What does Tommy think of them? We love having multiple pups :)


  2. Oh man, is Petie the dog that's been hanging around the park? He's lovely, with perfect manners. I fell in love with him right away. Phoebe would be ok with him, but Albert isn't ok with any other dog.

    I'll put a gadget up. Maybe I'll ask patch if we can do a freebie on him.

  3. I would take them in a heartbeat, but my poor husband would not do well with this. I can only ask so much of him. I hope they find a good home, and I hope they can stay together. Maybe we should rename them Romeo and Juliet so that people will get the idea.

  4. Oh my goodness! They are stunning - kudos to you for opening your heart to these sweet angels. Please keep us posted!

  5. They're beautiful. I'll put them on Facebook and Twitter, and link to you on my blog.

    Boz couldn't handle them, I don't think. But oh.

    How did Tommy deal?

    You are an angel.

  6. I'm glad you're all as smitten as I am. Of course I'm not surprised as you're all firmly in the dog lover camp.

    The jury's still out on Tommy. I kept interaction to a minimum.

    Margaret, I shouldn't make an analogy between my cats and your husband, but my thinking is similar: my poor cats... I can only ask so much of them.

    Kari, if it weren't for the cats...

    ForPetsSake, thank you. I most certainly will keep you posted.

    Petrea, Hiker, thanks for spreading the word. Doesn't Petie remind you a little of Pepe?

  7. They're someone's pets - someone who is careless about the fencing round their property, I bet. Someone who doesn't have access to a computer to see the dog's photos, and who perhaps hasn't the money to pay the large fine the shelter imposes on people who let their dogs get out. How to reach these owners? You'd need to put photos up everywhere in the area, maybe in both English and Spanish. I've often thought of paying the fines for people to retrieve their pets from the "shelters" rather than see beautiful, happy and healthy dogs killed, but I bet I wouldn't be allowed to do that. No, the owners are bad people who let their dogs get out, and they need to be taught a lesson.

    Thank you so much, Susan, for becoming an adopter of last resort. Several of my neighbors did that and ended up with more dogs than they'd intended to own. I realize you can't take on any extra, so I'm really hoping the dogs are retrieved or adopted. If I wasn't in England, I'd go from door to door with photos to try to find the owners. Sorry if I sound a bit wrought today, but knowing that this happy pair may be killed by the shelter (which shelter is it?) upsets me.

    PS I'm basing my ideas about how to reach the owners on my housekeeper's experience when her beloved little dog ran out when someone left the gate open. She walked round the neighborhood calling for it for weeks, but never put posters out or went to a shelter, and she didn't own a computer to see if anyone had found it.

  8. GULP. Can't even bear this. They are so charming - both of them and the fact that they are in love.......oh dear, Sue. You are quickly turning into a dog person for sure - come on, admit it. I agree that they look like they belong to someone...I hope that someone is relentless in trying to get their pups back. I hope to hear about a happy ending.

  9. Message to Bellis:
    Although I sense your good intent, I think perhaps, you are being a bit harsh assuming the owners are "bad people" without knowing the story about how these dogs got loose. Perhaps they are away and a pet-sitter is frantically looking for these dogs...
    My two dogs have escaped from the yard without my knowing right away and they can get pretty far pretty quickly. Luckily, I have tags on them so I got a phone call. But, collars and tags have been known to come off...and I consider myself a VERY GOOD person who loves my pets more than words can describe but sometimes accidents happen....

  10. Liz, Bellis was expressing the attitude of the shelter, one that she also takes issue with. You guys are on the same exact page.

    Thank you both for your comments, you wonderful animal (and people) people. I want to say more but I'm running late. Have a great day, everyone.

  11. Oh, I guess I misunderstood that - I thought those were her own thoughts...sorry, Bellis!

    I guess I was feeling defensive because my own boys have escaped and I am so not a bad person!

  12. Your a saint Susan. I've dropped way to many animals off at that shelter to have signed the "last resort" line. I guess I'm a bit jaded with the amount of animals I saw disappear out the back door of the Lacy street shelter. Spanish and English translations on posters sound like a good idea.. I lived in East LA for nearly a decade. When the economy tanked people let their dogs loose rather then take them to a shelter that they associated with death and prison. Better to take your chances on the road was often times their thinking.

    The pit is beautiful with the gray and light eyes. Someone will want her. She looks like a hipster dog in waiting. The lab type for a family.

  13. Yeah, you caught a couple of Dogs - woman's best friend, after all - but how are you with catching Bobcats?

  14. O, they are SO sweet! So glad you caught them.
    I don't much about dogs, but if you were able to catch them, I hope that it means they are very rehomeable.
    Are there any no-kill shelters/rescue groups in your area? Maybe that would be another option...?

  15. I posted it on FeeBee, I don't know if it will help but it's something. Hang in there Susan.

  16. Oh, dear. I posted a link to your post on my Facebook page ~ it all helps, doesn't it. I feel for you, Susan. Here's hoping they are adopted together, but I guess that's wishing for a lot. They are so beautiful. And Petie does remind me of Pepe!

  17. Bellis, thank you for those suggestions. I'm going to post fliers this weekend.

    PA, I've often wondered if that's what happened with Tommy: someone couldn't handle him anymore so they just let him loose. He wouldn't have made it out of Lacy alive so I guess in his case it worked out.

    Isn't that light pittie gorgeous? She's got the looks. Petie has the personality.

    Cafe, I'll let you catch the bobcats.

    Indie.Tea, the shelter where they are now is the closest one to no-kill in this area.

    Shell, Paula, thank you for spreading the word. I'm going to visit them today, so I'll find out if there's been any interest in them. Stay tuned...

  18. Wondering what the latest news is.

  19. Thanks, PI. I may have to take you up on that last resort option.

    Margaret, Petie is doing great. The beautiful light-colored pittie isn't. I'm pondering my options. She may become Tommy's sister or live-in girlfriend. I'll post a full update soon.

  20. Hi Sue
    As usual I am in suspense on what has happened. God bless you for your fierce protection of animals at all times.
    Oh really? Petie girl to come live a chez Sue? Oh I like it.
    We will all continuing praying for dear little lambs.
    Love til the cows come home

  21. Kristen, I have to call the shelter tomorrow to get an update. Petie is a star and may have already been adopted. It's the light one I may be taking home. Yikes.

  22. I'm thrilled for Petie but can't believe the female isn't a star as well. She's such a beauty.

  23. Petrea, I guess beauty only gets you so far when you're a pit bull.