Thursday, June 3, 2010

It’s Not a Muzzle; it’s a Snoot Loop

Minoru Drive gives off a sense of hyperrealism with its affluent homes, manicured lawns, and the San Gabriels as a backdrop. It feels like a film set on any day but today it was for real.

I got to the street just as the goofy cop in his Pasadena car led a procession of film trucks. As he drove by, I could hear him say "So you found your way over here?"

People buzzed around like bees, some carrying plates of food from craft services. I walked Tommy in the middle of the street, lined on each side by production trucks.

“Does he bite?”

At first I wasn’t sure why he was asking. That’s a common question when someone wants to pet Tommy, but this guy was walking in the other direction. Then I realized why he asked.

“It’s not a muzzle; it’s a Snoot Loop,” I called after him.

I can't tell you how many times I've said those two sentences together. I went on to explain it helps to control his pulling and it’s similar to halters used on horses.

The next day I was buying lunch at Connal’s on Washington Blvd., Tommy by my side, and I got asked the same exact question.

“It’s not a muzzle; it’s a Snoot Loop,” I said again. And this time I remembered what my friend Kim suggested I say.

“He can still bite with this on.”

I laughed as I said it so it wasn’t taken as a threat. One day I’ll write about all the other things Tommy can do while wearing the Snoot Loop.

So, I never did see Will Ferrell. Or Steve Carell. But I did see the back of Bubble Boy's Dad's head. How's that for a celebrity sighting?


  1. Echoing Melanie's comment a few posts back--I almost wish your writing wasn't so good, because I don't have time to fall in love with another blog! But you and Tommy Lee Jones are meant for each other, it seems, and I'm a sucker for a good dog story.

  2. Petrea,
    Thank you for the generous comment! And my response is the same as I gave to Melanie: I take that as a high compliment coming from such a talented writer as yourself. Oh, and yes, I guess Tommy Lee Jones and I are meant for each other.