Monday, June 21, 2010

The Interlude

This is an excerpt of an IM exchange I had with a coworker today:

sc: wanna see a funny picture?

e v: YES

e v: always

e v: ha

e v: partying out too late

sc: tommy is a party animal

e v: learned it from his mum!


  1. Ah, he took his stuffed tire to bed. (To your bed? Every night I get in bed I find squeaky toys.)

  2. Oh, that's his bed. I tried letting Tommy sleep with me but the cats wouldn't have it.

  3. "..learned it from his mum"! brilliant if i may say so myself

  4. Sundayskool, I agree, you are brilliant!

  5. And you laughed at me for being in love with Tommy.

  6. I love that you're in love with Tommy. I only hope you'd feel the same way if you were to meet him in the flesh, er, fur.

  7. Now that's a classic picture!!! He has a beautiful, shiny coat, and by the looks of his contented sleep, he has a lovely stress free life!!!

  8. TheChieftess,
    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, Tommy's a lucky dog. He sleeps like a bear!