Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Men at Work

Tommy and I stepped over electrical cables as we looped through Farnsworth Park. Mount Curve was lined with trucks and abuzz with activity. I love how a production adds Hollywood sparkle to the neighborhood, but let's be honest: a big part of the allure is the handsome men behind the scenes.

I considered striking up a conversation but was too shy. As we walked by, I played out the line I could've said, chastising myself for not having the nerve. But another opportunity awaited: up ahead three guys leaned against the back of a pick-up truck.

I boldly approached and said, “Guess who my dog is named after.”

“Charlie Sheen.”

If Tommy were a Charlie, I might call him "Chuck."
He didn't miss a beat!

"Look at him," I said. "He looks just like the actor he's named after."

The Charlie Sheen guesser struggled. It seemed to really bother him he couldn't think of Tommy's namesake. "God, there are so many of them. Give us a hint."

"He has three names," I offered.

"Jean-Claude Van Damme."
Can you imagine me calling Tommy "Jean Claude"?!
The youngest, too hip to even look up from his phone, said a name I didn’t recognize.

"You have to look at him. He looks just like this actor."

The hip dude looked at Tommy.

Tommy sat at full alert, expectantly looking at me. Then at the three men. Then back at me, as if to say, "Who's giving me the treat?!"

Too busy flirting, I ignored him. The guys looked at me with blank stares. They'd given up.

"Tommy Lee Jones," I finally said.

"He really does look like him!"

A few more guys walked up. The Charlie Sheen guesser called after them, "Guess the actor her dog is named after!"

"Danny Devito!"

Tommy as Danny? I don't think so. But Vito could work.
They were shooting “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” so it was an understandable guess.

Tommy was frustrated. I cut the game short.

"Tommy Lee Jones," I said.

Raucous laughter erupted from this crowd of good-looking dog lovers.

One guy asked if Tommy was friendly and as he moved closer, Tommy jumped toward him in his wild buck kind of way. He'd had enough of being ignored.

"Whoa! He even acts like Tommy Lee!" (Apparently the actor has a reputation.) The guy stepped back.

That's my Tommy: he lures them in and he chases them away.

On another note, let's for a moment forget that Danny DeVito cheated on his wife and applaud him for participating in the video, The Right to Know: Vote Yes on Prop 37. Or, as someone put it recently: we just want to know what's in our effin food!


  1. If you'd put the dark glasses on Tommy, I'm sure that would have had the light bulbs going off! He's priceless, Susan. {And I definitely would like to know what's in our effin food. It really shouldn't be this hard, should it!}

  2. tommy definitely knows when the camera is on him!. and yes, he definitely has the same beady brown eyes as his namesake... :-) love the political sign. hope it pulls thru for all of us!.

  3. I love your flirting technique. Tommy needs to work on his part of the routine, though.

  4. Tommy leaped at whoever dared to call him Danny DeVito. (And your prop 37 endorsement is some very clever product placement. Good girl.)

  5. The thing is Tommy looks so young, and Tommy Lee Jones is looking sort of senior citizen these days.

  6. Shell, you're so right: I should've had Tommy wear his "Men in Black" glasses. And I couldn't agree more about our the right to know what's in our effin food. It should be simple!

    KBF, Tommy's a ham, isn't he? Glad you're on board with the Yes on Prop 37!

    He really does, Brian.

    Jean, to be fair, I really need to work on Tommy's part of the routine. Time to amp up his training. (But who am I kidding? I have no time!)

    Hiker, you made me laugh out loud! That's a hilarious take on the incident. (Glad you like the prop 37 endorsement. Tommy is a celebrity with a conscience.)

    Margaret, you made me laugh out loud too. Clever gals. And it's true: Tommy's snout is starting to turn grey, but he hasn't reached TLJ's golden years quite yet.

  7. Someone told me Prop 37 doesn't go far enough. So there's harm in at least going part way? Some people do not get the concept.

    Tommy is indeed more handsome than his namesake.

  8. Petrea, I hadn't heard that perspective about Prop 37. In general I'm not a big fan of creating laws through propositions but the battle against GMO foods and the power of big ag and its impact on the environment is just too important. We need to fight back every way we can. Prop 37 may not go far enough, but right, what's wrong with going part way? At least it's a start.

    I think Tommy Lee Jones the actor should be flattered he has such a gorgeous pit mix named after him.

  9. I imagine whoever said that to me had heard an anti-37 ad, financed by Monsanto.

  10. Oh, Sue. You are too funny. So I guess you didn't score with any of the dog-loving-work-men? Did Tommy scare them away? I guess he wants you all to himself. You may have to do your flirting sans Tommy if you want to get anywhere. I think their guesses are funny and they were good sports to play the guess-Tommy's-name-game even if they guessed wrong. Tommy sure makes a statement! He rocks.

    As for telling us what's in our food - well, I think it's a no-brainer. We live in California and if any state will get them to tell us, it is here in our state! I can't believe we have to vote on it, but I have confidence it will pass!

  11. I'd vote Yes for that. Proposition 37, that is.

    A younger Tommy Lee - his role in 'The Eyes of Laura Mars' comes to mind.

  12. Well that was certainly in the tradition of Ramona. Congratulations on your bold flirting technique. I tend to get my Tommys mixed up - you know, the other one, the well endowed one with only two names

    Will vote for prop 37 today. disappointed to read city Council member Steve Madison's non enforcement of the proposition on FB last night. Good for anti-freeways bad for environment, Haha and vegetation

  13. non endorsement - damn you spell check

  14. Liz, the dog-loving production guys really were good sports. It was fun to play the guessing game with them. Too bad Tommy scared them off so my interaction with them didn't get beyond the game.

    I'm so disappointed Prop 37 failed.

    Bandit, we could have used your vote here. On another note, I've never heard of "The Eyes of Laura." It looks creepy! But I could force myself to watch it to see a young TLJ and Faye Dunaway.

    PA, from what I've seen and heard of Ramona, she didn't need a tool like Tommy to help her flirt. And you're not the only one who gets TLJ mixed up with Tommy Lee. I have a funny story about that I'll post about one of these days.

    Steve Madison definitely gets mixed reviews from me. Great he's against the 710 expansion but, yeah, he's a disappointment about Haha. I didn't know he came out against Prop 37. Grrrrrr. He also recently tossed around the idea of a Pasadena pit bull ban. All I could think when I read that was "dumb ass." I've got to write a letter with a little more eloquence pointing his ignorant views.

    1. Sue- A tidbit about "The Eyes of Laura Mars": it was filmed right on the corner of Broadway and West End in NYC where my sister Margi lived...I remember it well. It was creepy. Laura Mars was a photographer who psychically saw murders happening as if she was looking through a camera lens and was seeing it from the murderer's vantage point, so could never see his face...kinda cool premise. You should check it out.

  15. My take on Madison is that he's trying to do what's best for his constituents (rich west-siders). That's a noble aim. If he's wrong on some counts, like Hahmongna, and pit bulls, I don't know if he can be swayed but he's not dumb, or evil, so perhaps what he needs is simply to learn some more facts and to hear from reasonable people.
    This is in contrast to a couple of other council people who seem to be interested only in advancing their personal power. I don't see him that way.

  16. Petrea, you're right. My characterization of Madison wasn't fair. His words about the pit bull ban were ignorant but I do think he'd be open to different viewpoints if he were exposed to them. And his No on 710 conference showed he cared very much about the community.

    Wish he'd be a little more open about changing his views on Hahamongna though. Maybe he'll surprise us.

  17. I wonder if he'd meet with a few of us if we asked him to. If we were to get such a meeting, we'd best be well prepared to prove to him why not building in Hahamongna is better for his constituents than building there.

  18. That's a great suggestion. It certainly can't hurt. I'd be up for it.

  19. Liz, thanks for the movie tidbit. That is a cool premise. I'm impressed you remember it, but on second thought, not surprised. You've seen all the obscure, creepy movies!