Saturday, February 5, 2011

Meet Ponchito

Remember the Hahamongna Chihuahua?

I found him running alongside Hahamongna Watershed Park last August. Rita took him in, called him Ponchito the Fierce Warrior, and he’s been at Starcrest ever since. Apparently all the “girls” love him. That scruffy little guy is treated like a king, carried from his condo to the yard and back again. One morning I saw him from a distance and yelled out to the young woman coddling him, “Is that Ponchito?” She put him down and he wagged his tail at the sound of my voice. What do you know, he remembered me. 

Tommy and I explored Hahamongna last week with Petrea of Pasadena Daily Photo fame. Today's post is about L.A. County Department of Public Works' misguided sediment removal plan and what we can do to try and prevent Hahamongna's destruction. I'm honored Tommy gets to be Hahamongna poster child and photo of the day. Check him out.

I wish every dog could be as lucky as Ponchito. And as a lover of animals of all kinds, I hope the wild ones of Hahamongna can be saved.


  1. I love a happy ending.

    wv: foutow

    what a great foutow of Ponchito

  2. Thanks, Jean. Me too. I hope the Hahamongna story has a happy ending.

  3. Oooh, Ponchito! He's a love. What a lucky pooch.

    Thank you, Susan.

  4. Oh, Ponchito Looks like he has all the ladies wrapped around his little paw. That scamp.

  5. You're a good woman, Susan. I really was wishing that guy in the VW had stopped for you, but your eventual success with saving Ponchito brought a glad tear to my eye. What a little cutie-pie ~ I'm so happy he has a bunch of adoring females looking after him!

    As for Tommy ~ well, you know. *Sigh.*

  6. Petrea, thank *you* - it was so fun to have Tommy be the star on PDP today.

    Margaret, Ponchito is just one of those guys with mucho sex appeal.

    Awww, Shell. Thanks for catching up on Ponchito's story. He really is a lucky pooch. As for the guy in the VW van, I've had way more success with canine love lately. Hopefully there'll be a guy down the road at some point - one who loves dogs, of course! (And cats.)

  7. Sue! Finally I get to see Ponchito! SOmething is wrong with my browser and I can't see the current posts unless I click on the date. Hmmmm.... Anyway, thanks for sharing. He's a cutie and lucky, too!

  8. Aww. So glad the little guy is in a Happy Home!

  9. Yay Tommy! What a looker with his ears up n down. And Yay! Panchito!

  10. Poquito Ponchito has landed on his feet-os

    Little man, your swirly cowlicks are sheer perfection, and that look of paranoia? aww precious! and it's so familiar...hmmmm.... yes, Peoples.

  11. PA, I love these words:

    "Little man, your swirly cowlicks are sheer perfection..."

    So Peoples has them too? He must be a looker.

  12. I love Ponchito. What a story!!!

    Way to go Petrea and allowing Tommy to grace your blog. Silly Goofball!

    Hey Girls any support you need from me to help in the prevention of the Hahamongna's destruction. I will do anything for you girls! Count me in!

  13. Hi dogrescuers, thanks. There's a post on my blog today with a list of actions people can take.