Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Humbling Moment

On Saturday I walked Tommy in Old Town and stopped for lunch at Intelligentsia. I was psyched to see an empty table next to one of the large open windows. I quickly claimed it, reaching in to place my bag and water bottle on it and then tying Tommy to the post that separates the two windows. I left him there and went inside.

I planned to give him a big bully stick when lunch arrived so he’d be occupied while I ate. But Tommy had other plans. As I walked to the counter, I glanced behind me to catch him teetering on all four paws on the windowsill. I growled “Off!” in the firmest yet quietest voice I could muster as I jetted back to the window. Tommy knew I was serious so he jumped onto the sidewalk as a passing man said, “That didn’t turn out quite as you’d planned, huh?”

You could say that about the entire Tommy affair.

I gave him the bully stick, which he chewed with abandon on the sidewalk while I headed back to the counter to order lunch. 

Tommy finished just as my food arrived. I spent the next 20 minutes alternating between bites of salmon salad and hand-feeding Tommy kibble to keep him from jumping through the adjacent window onto another diner’s lap.

I wish I’d captured a photo of him on that windowsill, but I had more important things to consider, like not getting 86’d from one of my new favorite haunts. Check out this local blogger’s review of Intelligentsia and scroll down to see a photo of the entrance. Then imagine Tommy tied to that post and jumping up on the windowsill right where that bicycle leans. 

Life with Tommy is both funny and infuriating.


  1. It's one difficulty with having the dog to yourself--no one to police him while you go into the store to grab your lunch. Tommy could be a man-magnet if he'd just do his job.

  2. Petrea, it's true: I could use a partner in crime. Tommy has so far failed at the man-magnet job but I haven't given up hope yet.

  3. I can picture it in my mind since I have seen my dogs do it :)


  4. Ha! Dogs are rarely cooperative when it comes to our plans for them.

  5. Kari and Miss J, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one in town with a rambunctious pooch. I've seen pics of your dogs so I know you guys can relate.

  6. Ok, that's bad. But even worse is when you're enjoying a lovely meal at a sidewalk table and your dog decides his weiner needs some energetic cleaning. And when you hiss, "Stop that now!" he agrees, and gives it tender loving care.

  7. Your problem is one of jewelry. If you decorate your canine with the proper amount of rhinestones and silver lamay, he will charm all who come into contact with him. Even if he publicly cleans his bully stick

    and yes yes yes about Bastet

  8. PA, does that mean she found a home? I had one request for further information, but no bites.

  9. Petrea
    not least not that I'm aware of. Susan is going to put her up on her FB page

  10. Hiker, oh, that is bad. Tommy saves that behavior for the privacy of home, not because he's polite but because he's too excited to be out in the world to pay attention to his weiner.

    PA, I love the thought of Tommy in rhinestones. I have nothing to lose so why not? I'll dress him up this weekend and let you know how it goes.

    I'll post Bastet on FB today.

  11. We placed Ms Bastet in the Pasadena Animal Shelter today. So so sad but a really beautiful cat and Robyne the owner seemed resigned as well as hopeful. The woman at the shelter who took the info recognized the levity of the situation and was extremely kind.

    I'll get the link to the kitty cam. Not as many cats at the shelter as I expected. Very good since it's kitten season. I think here two colored eyes and turkish angora pedigree will move her

    fingers crossed

    If anyone should read this comment and be interested in Bastet, I'd suggest acting quickly

    wv catio

    wow thats freaky

  12. Oh no. That breaks my heart. I may have to visit her in the shelter. I work in Old Town so it's close by. I just think if we keep spreading the word the right person will fall in love with her and be ready to take her in. She's way too stunning to just languish in a shelter.

    I wonder if we can at least find someone to foster her.

    What does "wv catio" mean? I've been seeing comments with "wv" over at Hiker's place and been meaning to ask.

  13. "WV" refers to the word verification code the commenter has to put in in order to complete the comment. Mine is "priumpa," just now. I never get the good ones.

    I'll post about Bastet again on Facebook and put up a note on PDP.

  14. Ah, thank you for enlightening me, Petrea! Now I understand PA's last couple of lines.

    I'll post about Bastet again too.