Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Saving Hahamongna - Hands Across the Dam

Hands Across the Dam is happening this Saturday at 11am. You can get more info at Petrea Burchard's blog, Living Vicuriously.

You really ought to come. If you're lucky you'll get to hold Tommy's paw.

Tommy and the Peacocks - that'd be a good name for a band, wouldn't it? 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tommy Against Monsanto

"Please don't make me put my head through that hole."
Don't think I didn't think of it...

Monday, May 20, 2013

We're All Still Here

Thankfully, the windows at the back of the house are covered in wicker shades, so Frieda had something to grab onto when she clawed her way to safety on the roof.

I’d carelessly left the back door open and Frieda had slipped out, when Tommy, who'd been sunning himself on the back patio, charged at her, plowing right past me, though I'd flung myself across his stout body, tearing my jeans and scraping my knee.

Frieda & Louise

Phew! That was a close call. I shudder to think what would’ve happened had Frieda attempted to scratch her way up glass.

I put Tommy in the house while Frieda’s yowl echoed through the neighborhood. I couldn’t see her but I followed the sound of her cries across the roof to my neighbor’s tree. I went inside for a tall stool (note to self: must buy ladder), and by the time I’d returned she stood at the foot of the back door, meowing to get inside.

Louise & Ramona

I feel bad that Louise gets to roam the living room and bedrooms, while Tommy is barricaded in the kitchen and garage, but I'd feel worse if I ended up with a dead cat.

Louise & Ramona

And really, Tommy's life isn't that bad.

He Who Needs No Introduction, but just in case you're new here, meet Tommy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I've Become One of Those People...

 ... who dresses up her dogs.

In my defense, we've had some real weather the past few weeks. It's been cold.

And you may think the pitties are tough, but they have delicate sensibilities.

They easily catch a chill.

We've had rain too.

And Tommy hates the rain.

Hates it even more than wearing his yellow rain coat.

Happy New Year! From my pack to yours...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Just One Thing, Mr. President

You really think one dog's enough?

I beg to differ.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Men at Work

Tommy and I stepped over electrical cables as we looped through Farnsworth Park. Mount Curve was lined with trucks and abuzz with activity. I love how a production adds Hollywood sparkle to the neighborhood, but let's be honest: a big part of the allure is the handsome men behind the scenes.

I considered striking up a conversation but was too shy. As we walked by, I played out the line I could've said, chastising myself for not having the nerve. But another opportunity awaited: up ahead three guys leaned against the back of a pick-up truck.

I boldly approached and said, “Guess who my dog is named after.”

“Charlie Sheen.”

If Tommy were a Charlie, I might call him "Chuck."
He didn't miss a beat!

"Look at him," I said. "He looks just like the actor he's named after."

The Charlie Sheen guesser struggled. It seemed to really bother him he couldn't think of Tommy's namesake. "God, there are so many of them. Give us a hint."

"He has three names," I offered.

"Jean-Claude Van Damme."
Can you imagine me calling Tommy "Jean Claude"?!
The youngest, too hip to even look up from his phone, said a name I didn’t recognize.

"You have to look at him. He looks just like this actor."

The hip dude looked at Tommy.

Tommy sat at full alert, expectantly looking at me. Then at the three men. Then back at me, as if to say, "Who's giving me the treat?!"

Too busy flirting, I ignored him. The guys looked at me with blank stares. They'd given up.

"Tommy Lee Jones," I finally said.

"He really does look like him!"

A few more guys walked up. The Charlie Sheen guesser called after them, "Guess the actor her dog is named after!"

"Danny Devito!"

Tommy as Danny? I don't think so. But Vito could work.
They were shooting “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” so it was an understandable guess.

Tommy was frustrated. I cut the game short.

"Tommy Lee Jones," I said.

Raucous laughter erupted from this crowd of good-looking dog lovers.

One guy asked if Tommy was friendly and as he moved closer, Tommy jumped toward him in his wild buck kind of way. He'd had enough of being ignored.

"Whoa! He even acts like Tommy Lee!" (Apparently the actor has a reputation.) The guy stepped back.

That's my Tommy: he lures them in and he chases them away.

On another note, let's for a moment forget that Danny DeVito cheated on his wife and applaud him for participating in the video, The Right to Know: Vote Yes on Prop 37. Or, as someone put it recently: we just want to know what's in our effin food!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Camelot Where Tommy Is

The fabulous Petrea Burchard over at Pasadena Daily Photo is holding a contest in support of the much-anticipated publication of her novel, Camelot & Vine.

The contest is called Camelot Where You Are, the idea being that Camelot is everywhere. Tommy and I like a contest just as much as the next guy, but where were we to find a Camelot by us?

Well, turns out there's one near my old neighborhood at Camelot Kids Preschool in Silver Lake.

The photo above is not the one we entered in the contest. Visit Pasadena Daily Photo (Wednesday, October 24) to see it. Then go back over the weekend to vote for your favorite Camelot photo of the week.

I won't tell you how to cast your vote (that's downright un-American), but let's get real: how could any Camelot top the Camelot where Tommy is?!