Monday, May 20, 2013

We're All Still Here

Thankfully, the windows at the back of the house are covered in wicker shades, so Frieda had something to grab onto when she clawed her way to safety on the roof.

I’d carelessly left the back door open and Frieda had slipped out, when Tommy, who'd been sunning himself on the back patio, charged at her, plowing right past me, though I'd flung myself across his stout body, tearing my jeans and scraping my knee.

Frieda & Louise

Phew! That was a close call. I shudder to think what would’ve happened had Frieda attempted to scratch her way up glass.

I put Tommy in the house while Frieda’s yowl echoed through the neighborhood. I couldn’t see her but I followed the sound of her cries across the roof to my neighbor’s tree. I went inside for a tall stool (note to self: must buy ladder), and by the time I’d returned she stood at the foot of the back door, meowing to get inside.

Louise & Ramona

I feel bad that Louise gets to roam the living room and bedrooms, while Tommy is barricaded in the kitchen and garage, but I'd feel worse if I ended up with a dead cat.

Louise & Ramona

And really, Tommy's life isn't that bad.

He Who Needs No Introduction, but just in case you're new here, meet Tommy.


  1. Tommy is the most self-satisfied and conceited creature I've ever met. And I love him. Though I love Lou more.

  2. Tommy's quite full of himself, isn't he? And he loves you too. But Lou loves you more.

    1. I so agree with your hiker friend. I miss Louise...and all of you. Tommy is just too much!!! He really looks like he is posing for you - such a big ham. Love you and glad you are back. Keep the writing coming.

  3. Mesa is the exact same way with cats...

    Stop on by for a visit

  4. Kari, good to see you. I owe you and Mesa and the rest of your pack a visit. On my way...

  5. Frieda and Ramona look very comfie with Louise, and she looks very motherly with them. Beautiful. And dear Tommy's life with you is idyllic in its own way ~ thank heavens he has an understanding mum who 'gets' him. {And bless those wicker shades!!!}

  6. I love Louise's expression!... Tommy is just too cool for words... As far as Frieda, she's the leader of your pack isn't she? You go, girl!.

  7. I am glad that all is ok with your cats!
    Tommy looks so comfortable and relaxing.
    What a good life Louise and Tommy have!

  8. Shell, the truth is Frieda is wary of Louise, but not terrified as she is of Tommy (rightly so, of course). Yes, bless those shades!

    KBF, you could say Frieda is the leader of the cat pack.

    Thank you, Sonia. I wish I had more time for all my animals, but I know their lives could be far worse.

  9. Like all of us, Tommy's story is still being written and he may surprise us yet although I doubt it. I never would have guessed that Keating would turn out to be a thuggy-bun where The Landy Maude is concerned. I mean, who possibly could resist all those womanly curves and charm? I'm still amazed every time he lunges at her with his mouth wide open. Guys. Can't live with them, can't live without them.

  10. Tommy has mellowed, believe it or not, but he still gets fired up at the sight of squirrels, cats and other critters.

    Landy Maude? Who's that?

  11. King Tommy, need I say more.....

    Love you guys,
    Lynnie xoxo

  12. Hi Sue
    Oh we have missed you all so much! And just a little story of yours creates such fun suspense! I am happy to glimpse at all of your darlings, especially the kitty girls. Louise is the princess pup, you are Queen Mommy and Tommy is such a handsome fellow. With a a tweak to his attitude he would be perfect, but oh no cause bad dogs have MORE FUN.
    Love you all dearly in Altadena - see you soon. Spring has smiled upon us, now we are waiting for our hearts and souls to catch up!

  13. How about a shout off for the lovely Louise. What a good girl. And to think you were on the fence about her.

  14. Self-satisfied? Conceited? I had a whole different impression of Tommy. Sweetie pie, sweetie pie. I just love him.

  15. Aw, Petrea. You're one of Tommy's biggest fans. It's so funny how people are in one camp or the other. You and Lynnie in Tommy's camp; Joanne and hiker in Louise's.

    Joanne, remember we hiked up Echo Mountain and Louise went berserk when we ran into a friend? Yep, same hiker. You saw in action how she adores Karin/Hiker.

    Margaret, she is a good girl. I was only ambivalent because of the Tommy & Louise dynamic. But no more. We're making it work.

    Kris, always great having your bright spirit stop by for a visit. Miss you, looking forward to seeing you!

  16. I love Louise, too. What's not to love in a dog? But you know I have a soft spot for Tommy.

  17. Lou is so entirely devoted to you, Susan. Remember when we finished a walk about a month ago, and you had to take Tommy back first, to the car? And because I'm mean, I said, "Say bye, Lou. I'm taking you to live at my house." And she looked up at me with mild panic in her eyes that said, "Hey, wait. I love you, but I'm not, you know, in love with you. Can we just be friends?"

  18. I remember, Hiker. That was when Louise was under consideration for Miss Altadena:

    Albert nixed that idea.

    Petrea, your soft spot for Tommy delights me.

  19. ok - this is really good news. I feared the kitty girls would spend the rest of their lives forever locked up in the back bedroom. And it didn't seem fair. Tommy has nothing to complain about - He's got the outdoor barker lounger and a room of his own. Just like Virginia Wolf - who has a dog friendly name.

    And how great is that that louise likes the cats? when did this melding of species start?

  20. bt: I think I have your sweater - or somebodies sweater

  21. PA, oh, no, kitties came first. They have to get some perks. Tommy gets the garage, too, which is quite nice. The family that lived here before me gave grandma the garage, so Tommy can't complain.

    Funny you should make a wolf reference. I'm going to be writing much more about wolves soon. Stay tuned.

    Not my sweater. Wonder whose it is?

  22. So glad Louise gets along with your kitty girls!!! Kelly loves playing with our Sadie...Cleo won't pay her any attention!!! Tommy doesn't know what he's missing!!!

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  24. I am a sucker for Tommy. That last photo is classic.

  25. It's nice to see you again, Jean. Tommy is hard to resist.