Thursday, June 14, 2012

Men in Black 3, Starring Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones plays the mature yet still studly Agent K.

Mr. Jones is not quite sure how he feels about Josh Brolin playing Young Agent K, although he does admit there's a slight resemblance.

Will Smith is a fine actor, but you can't deny that Tommy Lee Jones steals this scene.

Tommy Lee Jones wonders why his Zap Gun is smaller than Will Smith's. Who's the star of this film anyway?

Photo enhancement by the multi-talented Veronica Ferrantelli of The Dog Rescuers


  1. This is why men should never shave. I award you and TLJ best post of the month.

  2. Jean, I won't tell Tommy you said that. All this Hollywood buzz has gone to his head.

    Margaret, I take it you've seen the movie?

    Hiker, you almost make me feel proud for stooping to such lowbrow depths. Almost.

  3. That's soooo funny, Susan! The premiere was on while we were in London, and I could see go-go dancers in front of the movie theater in Leicester Square. Sadly, my husband made me walk on by. If I'd been on my own, I'd have joined the fans, and might have seen (your) Tommy.

  4. That's hilarious, Bellis! But how could your husband resist Men in Black 3 go-go dancers?!

  5. Next Tommy's pawprint on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!!!! xoxo

  6. TT (aka Lynnie), I'm going to drag you back to Hollywood Boulevard for his ceremony.

  7. I love your sense of humor! lol and yes, Tommy looks very cool!

  8. Sue,
    You know I will be there in a heartbeat. I constantly dream of coming back to LA and being your personal assistant......If I need to be Tommy's agent I will gladly do that too!!!
    Love you to the moon and back again,
    Lynnie xoxo

  9. There are lower depths to achieve as far as low brow goes. At least Tommy's not sitting around a table playing cards with go go dancer Louise providing entertainment ........

  10. TLJ, the dog,is one baaaaaaaaadaaaaassssss! Love it! He definitely steals the show!

  11. Good to see Tommy has finally entered into his acting career - hopefully you will be a partakers in the residual checks! Hope all is well Susan - what are your plans for summer..? blessings Nick

  12. KBF, Tommy tickles my funny bone. As for cool, it's the glasses, don't you think?

    TT, you would make a stellar agent. It may be your calling in life. But you would quickly tire of cleaning kitty litter as my personal assistant, I'm afraid.

    PA, don't give me any ideas. I (lowbrow that I am) love the way that bull dog passes a card between his toes. (Do dogs have toes?)

    Liz, Tommy is the baddest of the badasses. At least he likes to think so.

    Pujdak (aka Nick), you've revealed my secret plan: exploit Tommy to achieve fame and fortune.

    Summer plans involve travel and the usual crazy schedule. We should get together next month.

  13. Hi Sue:

    Oh that Tommy has such a good spot in the universe right? He is so loved and admired, but funny enough Tommy feels it too! Its his looks that got him into Hollywood!

    Your timing on this film is perfect, Love it.

    I am in LOVE with Josh Brolin too! Anyone else? Love him since forever now.

    You are the badass in this team of mommy and doggie. When is Louise's film debut though?

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of your beautiful, talented, yet chaotic pit. That is their nature right?

    You are always in my heart.


  14. Love these pictures! Thanks for the lift. I have a question for you, Is Tommy's ear always flopped down like that on one side? I think that is what makes him so cute and handsome!

    Love ya Sue,

  15. I'm late to the party but MIB is one my favorite movies and I have to say that Tommy knows how to rock his Ray Bans.

  16. I'm in love! Tommy's a big star. And tell Veronica she's a genius.

  17. Saw MiB3 yesterday. Josh Brolin, wow! (maybe you should keep this from Tommy, too)

  18. Kristen, while Tommy was born for Hollywood, Louise is shy in front of the camera. We’re working on it.

    And oh, yes, I love Josh Brolin, although I hadn’t wanted to see MIB3 until you just mentioned him, Jean. I’ll keep that from Tommy, too.

    Cindy, in rare moments, when Tommy is on full alert waiting for a treat with his head tilting back at just the right angle, both ears stand straight up. But 95% of the time that ear flops down. I agree it’s a big part of his charm.

    Paula, you make me want to see the whole MIB trilogy, if only to see Tommy in his Ray Ban peepers.

    Petrea, you may just be Tommy’s biggest fan. Veronica hates the attention but she deserves the accolades. She is a genius.

    Nick, about that dog walk - is that a promise?

  19. Heh! Tommy looks very much at home, Susan. And the size of his Zap Gun doesn't matter.

  20. Shell, sorry for the long delay in responding. I've been out of town. I'll tell Tommy what you said about his Zap Gun. He'll be pleased to hear it.

  21. Great photos! I agree with Jean, Tommy looks good in a suit.

    I hope you have a pleasant week ahead.
    Many hugs!

  22. Thank you, Sonia. Tommy thanks you, too.

    1. Missing u on ye olde Blogosphere! Enuf of the R & R! ;)

  23. Thanks for dropping by, Cafe. I miss hanging in the blogosphere and hope to be back soon. Wish I could say I've been getting R & R. Life is just too busy! But Tommy's paws are twitching at this very moment while he dreams and I'm taking that as a sign: he thinks I should be back in the blogosphere, too.