Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lucky Dog

A few weeks ago Tommy made a great pit bull ambassador at Pasadena's Doo Dah Parade. He traveled through the crowded sidewalk with his tail wagging.
He posed for pictures.
He drank water out of my coffee mug.
Rewards came in tortillas tossed from a float.
Unfortunately I'm a bit of a hard ass about his diet, and I nipped that tortilla with the snoot loop.
But Tommy got the last laugh. He scarfed down two tortillas before I could stop him or snap a picture. Lucky dog.


  1. He's such a good boy! I'm glad the two of you had a good time and Tommy was blessed by Cheesus.

  2. Blessings from Cheesus was a real highlight.

  3. Lucky, indeed.

    I love that last photo especially.

  4. What a sweetie-pie.

  5. Sweet, Sue. Tommy sure does look like he got the last laugh in that last photo. Lucky dog indeed.

  6. good old Tommy - he is the star of
    the show

  7. Sue,
    Tommy is the ambassador of good will.....He is hilarious!!! Miss all of you,
    Aunt Lynnie xoxo

  8. Hi Sue,
    Tommy is the star attraction and the ambassador of good will!! Gotta love him!!
    Miss you!!
    Lynnie xoxo

  9. The missing tortilla part that Tommy chomped out looks like the silhouette portrait of a camel and a sheep. It's a tortilla miracle!!

    Mr V and myself were there too. It looks like you and I were both behind the scenes on Nina street. How did we miss each other? I would have loved to have gotten Tommy in one of my wee video productions


    got a dog in this one though

  11. Hi Susan!

    Spring has sprung and I am so very glad that Life With Tommy is back and humming! Honey he is the most gorgeous DOGGIE ever! How is Miss Louise and your kitty cats? I give you credit cause those pits are SPECIAL!

    We love this story! Keep it coming!

    Talk soon he he!!!


  12. That last picture tells it all. What a happy boy!

  13. Hiker, that he is, especially in two dimensions.

    Liz, Tommy always gets the last laugh, especially when something as important as tortillas are involved.

    Nick and Lynnie, I love that you both find Tommy as entertaining as I do. He really is a star.

    PA, the miracle tortilla must’ve been blessed by Cheesus!

    I’m so glad to see your vimeo. Would you believe we never even saw the queen? We had to make several detours so Tommy could take care of business, which is probably why we missed you. I would love to have Tommy make an appearance in one of your videos. Next time. Oh, and I saw that little pooch, too. So sweet.

    Kari, it was a fun outing.

    Kristen, isn’t Tommy gorgeous? Louise and the kitties are doing great, keeping me busy, as usual.

    Adele, thanks for stopping by! Tommy is a big ham and loves to get new fans.

  14. He melts me every time, Susan. {And the blessings by Cheesus cracked me up.}

  15. Great photos, Susan! Tommy looks so beautiful, happy and confidente! Really he is a good embassador. Sounds you both had a great time.

  16. Best pics of your man so far! Is Tommy is a purebred or a hybred pit? I don't recall if u said.

  17. Can you believe how far he has come? Such a good boy.

  18. Tommy is indeed lucky. And you're such a good pittie mum, S.

  19. He melts me too, Shell. I’m particularly fond of his pointy head.

    Thank you, Sonia. He’s a good boy.

    PA, how could you forget Cheesus?!

    Thanks, Cafe. He’s a mix for sure.

    Margaret, he’s like a different dog than when I first took him in, although he’s far from perfect. More on that in the next post.

    Thank you, Paula. I love my pitties.