Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Dangerous Girl

On a recent balmy evening, Tommy and I strolled down Topeka Street around dinnertime. There was a lot of activity—kids playing, neighbors out conversing—and such a pleasant summer atmosphere, until I heard a big hacking noise and then a spit come from across the street. I kept my gaze focused directly ahead so my displeasure didn’t register with the neighbors. (I find that often the most neighborly thing you can do is to keep your opinions to yourself.) But as I walked by, I snuck a peek to get a glimpse of the offender walking toward his car. Just as I did a booming voice came from the same yard.

“What kind of dog is that?”

The voice came from a man seated on the porch and mostly hidden from view behind tall bushes. I could see he was leaning forward, looking at me and waiting for an answer.

“A pit bull mix,” I yelled back.

With a jazzy cadence, he said “Girl, you dangerous.”

I laughed and kept walking, and he called after me, “You dangerous!”

Spitting or no spitting, I love the comments from the neighborhood peanut gallery Tommy so often evokes.


  1. For the first five or six years with Phoebe, when we'd walk through the rougher areas of town, you can't believe all the guys on front porches who suggested an arranged marriage involving their pit and my dog.

    Ice princesses that we were, we were not amused.

  2. He's a great lookin' guy. Thanks for stopping by Miss Janey's Place.

  3. Hiker, I believe it. Sounds like they were hoping for double weddings: Phoebe&the pit, you&the guy, walking down the aisle together. In another life, maybe.

    Miss J, many thanks. I must say I agree: Tommy is a real looker.

  4. Too funny. Girl, you Dangerous! I love it! Maybe sometime I can borrow Tommy. I want to be Dangerous!!!! XOX

  5. I loved being dangerous with Boz in his younger days. He still looks dangerous to the uninitiated, but his white hair gives him away to those in the know.

  6. Dog rescuer, you can borrow Tommy anytime you'd like!

    Petrea, from what I can tell from the photos I've seen Boz is still dangerously handsome.

  7. Well, Sue, from the description of these "spitters", it's a good thing they consider YOU the dangerous one. Could come in handy! Stay dangerous, girl!

  8. Liz, I agree. It's good to be dangerous sometimes, or at least to look the part.

  9. (singing) "Hold on tight, you know she's a little bit daaaaangerous ..."

  10. Dennis,
    Thanks for stopping by! I had to google those lyrics. I'm not sure how I missed out on that 80s gem. Funny video. And your blog is hilarious!